Jammie Thomas Rebuffs $25,000 Settlement Offer

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After a federal judge drastically reduced a copyright infringement penalty against Jammie Thomas, the RIAA is suddenly negotiating.

The RIAA wants to chop the fine even further and pretend it never happened, but Thomas is rejecting the offer.

What started at $1.92 million for uploading a few songs was slashed to just $54,000.  But RIAA attorneys Holme Roberts & Owen LLP offered a quick exit for $25,000, according to a letter shared with Digital Music News on Wednesday.  In exchange, the RIAA would drop the case entirely.  “We do not believe embarking on a third trial is in anyone’s interest,” the letter threatens.

Interesting offer, though Thomas quickly refused.  “Given this, we will begin preparing for a new trial,” RIAA representative Jonathan Lamy said.  Meanwhile, label bosses are reportedly growing tired of the time-consuming, money-draining, and image-eroding litigation, a mood that prompted the broader shift away from litigation against individuals.