Live@DMF: Vevo CPM Target ‘North of $20,’ Live Event Streaming Ahead

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Keynote by Rio Caraeff, President & CEO,

Essentially a show-and-tell, Vevo progress is
smashing, etc., though some stats and expansion plans worth taking a
look at.

The basic idea

  • Important to
    build a model around consumers, around their behaviors.   ‘We want
    people to do what they want to do, because that’s what they’re going to
    do anyway
  • That meant plugging into YouTube, creating a
    ‘store within the mall,’ a ‘clean and well lit avenue’ (ie, better
    advertising affinity
  • On CPMs, Caraeff told Digital Music
    News that the venture will be seeking CPMs ‘north of $20‘ in
    general, would not disclose actual CPMs.   But no liposuction or teeth
    whitening ads.


  • Here it
    goes.  ‘Vevo will provide the highest quality interactive music
    entertainment experience across all connected digital platforms.’
  • Caraeff:
    ‘all we’re focused on is what’s best for the fan’
  • Ultimately
    looking for distribution on every device, computer, etc., ‘as they
    all get connected to the web

On the initial
crash after the splashy launch

  • More people came
    to the business than we anticipated
    ,’ then ‘those issues are now
    behind us

The numbers

  • Largest
    music entertainment service @ 35.9 mm unique audience in the US / 6.8
    mm in Canada
  • better than… AOL Music (29.2mm); MySpace
    Music (31.7mm)
  • BUT, most of this traffic is coming
    through YouTube.  Caraeff, ‘10% of total traffic coming through


Expansion plans

  • Launching
    April: AOL, CBS Interactive
  • Q2,Q3 2010: Everywhere else
    that fans want music videos
    , ‘coming soon’
  • Then..
    • global
      live event streaming platform
    • expanded synd. and
      distribution footprint
    • mobile and connected living room
    • international expansion (UK/EU)
    • premium
      programming, original productions
    • commerce, merch, ticketing

More Stats

  • Projecting 30mm
    streams per day (up from 25 mm recently), 900 mm streams per month
    projected worldwide.
  • Audiences watches avg of 6.2
    videos per visit per month

And, Lady GaGa is no
longer 20 percent of total views, but there ‘was a time when that was
,’ Still GaGa’s ‘bad romance’ is the top video of all-time
(so-far) on Vevo.