As ISPs Celebrate, What Say the Music Consortia?

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A pro-Comcast, District Court ruling this week dropped a bomb on net neutrality, and the music industry is still sorting its next steps out.

The indie-focused, pro-neutrality A2IM discussed the matter at a board meeting Tuesday night, though group president Rich Bengloff declined discussion with Digital Music News at this stage.  Similarly, the RIAA had “no reaction at the moment,” though its internal discussions are undoubtedly a bit different than its indie counterpart.

Across town, another DC-based group, the Future of Music Coalition, was ready to engage.  “Everyone is trying to figure out what the next steps are,” Casey Rae-Hunter, Communications Director at the Coalition told Digital Music News.

Suddenly the debate is more energized, and according to Rae-Hunter, issues like Congressional involvement and aspects of the Administration-backed National Broadband Plan are getting greater attention. “This ramps up a very spirited and interesting debate,” the director shared.

The Coalition is predictably pro-neutrality, and the group is most concerned with equal access for artists.  But throughout the discussion, the Comcast decision was placed into context by Rae-Hunter, who viewed the ruling as one chapter in a very fluid back-and-forth.  “Nothing really has changed for us, we believe in the core principles of artist access to the marketplace,” Rae-Hunter continued, while underscoring that “‘broadband access is a big part of the future of music” and its creative pulse.