Plume of Volcanic Ash Complicates Coachella

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Southern California is worlds away from Iceland, though oddly, the locales were intertwined this weekend.

In the wake of a supremely disruptive Icelandic volcano, a number of European artists missed Coachella because of grounded flights.

The timing was decidedly awful.  As the event kicked off, the volcano created the perfectly-complicated situation for festival organizers, especially given the ‘maybe’ status for a number of groups.  At a top level, that meant filling slots, shifting others, and staying constantly connected to flight status details.

The Cribs and Frightened Rabbit both cancelled relatively early on, and Gary Numan, Bad Lieutenant, Hynotic Brass Ensemble, and Talvin Singh were also forced to cancel.

The headlining, larger acts were able to make it.  Muse, Gorillaz, and Thom Yorke were stateside ahead of the eruption.

More Coachella recapping ahead!