TuneCore Artists Gross $35 Million In 2009

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TuneCore artists pulled gross revenues of $35 million in 2009, according to details shared Thursday afternoon.

That was based on a total of 65 million songs and albums sold across all stores in the TuneCore network, including iTunes.

The number actually includes a number of different breakdowns.  Instead of downloads taking the cake, streams pulled the majority of transactions.  But iTunes (and download competitors) still drew the most revenues.

*26.2 million songs, or about 40 percent transactions.
*1.47 million albums, or about 2.3 percent of all transactions.
*37.5 streams, or about 57 percent of all sales transactions.

Additionally, TuneCore is releasing a series of charts and other breakdowns, including those for top artists, songs, and even best-selling days and cities.  TuneCore CEO Jeff Price offered a huge helping of other stats on his blog at blog.tunecore.com.

All of that is a great advertisement for TuneCore, though it remains unclear what the top sellers – as individuals – are making.  The company may offer that data at a later point, but a representative has yet to respond to an inquiry on the matter.  The answer may shed some light on whether DIY artists are actually earning serious checks.