Remix This: The Indaba + Peter Gabriel Connection

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Peter Gabriel is the latest to tap Indaba Music, a platform that takes music collaboration to a new level.

So what is this partnership all about?

The collaboration builds a contest around “Games Without Frontiers,” a 1980 classic now getting remixed.  But instead of creating the remix in a closed-off studio, Gabriel is asking Indaba members to submit their best reworking of the song using stems.  The just-launched contest will last for six weeks, followed by a two week review period.

Actually, this is part of a much broader remix project called Scratch My Back.  Gabriel is remixing songs from a number of his favorite artists, and the Indaba remixer will be part of that larger album.  Down the road, a number of artists will then remix their favorite Gabriel tracks as part of a follow-up, I’ll Scratch Yours.

In the here-and-now, the Indaba winner gets flown into London to master the remix, afterwhich the winning product gets an official iTunes release.