What Every Musician Needs to Know About Healthcare

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Earlier this week, the Future of Music Coalition approached the tricky subject of musician health care, a quickly-changing area.

At its DC Policy Day symposium on Tuesday, the group assembled a trio of knowledgeable health care professionals dedicated to helping artists.

The FMC started its session with some top-level findings, including a recent survey among musicians.  Now, that survey and an accompanying report have been released by the group, offering a valuable primer for the community and lots of resource pointers.  The report is available at futureofmusic.org

At a top level, the Coalition found that roughly 33 percent of musicians in the US lack health insurance of any kind, twice the national average as estimated by the Kaiser Family Foundation. And, the more time spent on music, the lower the likelihood of being covered, though health care reform measures will dramatically change those percentages.

But this story goes far beyond the individual musician.  As a radically different music industry starts to emerge, organizations ranging from management agencies to next-generation labels will be forced to understand this issue.  In the present, FMC found that membership across a range of music-focused organizations offered artists greater coverage information and options.  For example, those belonging to performance rights organizations ASCAP, SESAC, BMI, or SoundExchange reported a much larger level of coverage.