A Different Sort of Clean-up: Hilary Rosen On BP Damage Control

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Where are they now?

Well, ex-RIAA chief Hilary Rosen now has a new gig at BP, specifically running damage control.  The details are now spilling on Rosen and a serious team of PR and lobbying pros being tapped by the oil giant.  Rosen comes through the Brunswick Group, and others on the force include ex-Bush strategist Alex Castellanos of Purple Strategies.

Does this sound right?  As of this morning, BP’s severed pipeline has not been totally contained.  But BPI chief Tony Hayward is already fronting a television spot, part of an effort smooth some very rough edges.  “For those affected and your families, I am deeply sorry,” Hayward stated in the softening spot.  “We will get this done, we will make this right.”  Other ads are on the way.

Sounds like a slick campaign, though the BP situation certainly puts issues like file-sharing and piracy into perspective.  Rosen helped to bury Napster only to publicly regret the move later, though the details are mostly inconsequential compared to the biggest environmental disaster in US history.  Either way, Rosen’s involvement paints her more clearly as a hired gun, perhaps similar to other ‘Inside the Beltway’ operatives like current RIAA chief Mitch Bainwol.