What’s Beating Out Music On Smartphones? The Latest Stats

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Nearly one-in-four mobile users is now toting around a smartphone, according to the latest finding from Nielsen.

But activities like streaming audio, ringtone downloads, and full-track downloads lag far behind a range of other smartphone activities.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, more functional activities like email, mapping, text messaging, and mobile internet surfing are most demanded among smartphone consumers.  But other less-obvious categories like picture downloading, IMing, and gaming beat out music activities, though high-ranking ‘app downloads’ certainly encompass music-specialized services.

And the war among smartphone makers?  On a quarter-to-quarter basis, Nielsen’s Q1 stats showed a slight, 2 percent gain for the iPhone (to 28 percent), and a concomitant 2 percent drop for Blackberry to 35 percent.  Android gained 2 percent to reach 9 percent overall penetration, while Windows Mobile slipped 2 percent to 19 percent overall.