Scientists Ask: Why Is Ozzy Still Alive?

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The days of bat-biting and diablo-worshiping behind him, Ozzy Osbourne is frequently viewed as a comical curiosity, laughingly unintelligible and a gem of rock history.

But why is the 60-something Ozzy still alive?

That is a question now being examined by the Massachusetts-based lab Knome, which is now examining Ozzy’s entire genome for possible longetivity secrets. The company that claims to have “sequenced and interpreted more human genomes than any other company in the world” is looking for genetic strains likely shared by Keith Richards. “Sequencing and analyzing individuals with extreme medical histories provides the greatest potential scientific value,” said Nathan Pearson, director of research at Knome.

This gets even crazier, because Pearson also noted that recreational toxins may also alter DNA, though the effects on Jack and Kelly might be difficult to prove.  Results of the tests are expected in a few years.