Schick Powering Vevo Emerging Artist Channel

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Think Vevo is incapable of ramping serious CPMs?

No matter how slick the interface and YouTube integration, successful monetization is the real bullseye for Rio Caraeff and background figures like Doug Morris.  On Tuesday afternoon, Vevo announced the launch of a substantial and customized channel with the freshly-launched Hydro from Schick.

This is heavy branding, and anathema to indie purists. But it just might pay the bills. “The “Next Wave” emerging artist channel is “presented by Schick Hydro” throughout, and up-and-comers from various Vevo content partners will be featured weekly.  Additionally, Schick will be offering promotional MP3s from selected artists, a group undoubtedly tilted towards the “blade-using guy” crowd.

Passion Pit (Columbia) will be the first showcased artist, and the group has recorded several exclusive clips to support the initiative. “As huge music fans, we’re happy to be involved with anything that helps expose people to new and emerging artists,” said Ian Hultquist of Passion Pit.