YouTube: Bigger, Stronger, Faster, More Original

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YouTube has been blitzing the market with a host of recent improvements, including a relaunched mobile property (based on HTML5) and a TV-like ‘Leanback’ offering.

These guys are innovating, and that means changes for the all-important music video.

And the latest improvements?  Ahead of the weekend, YouTube announced that it would soon be supporting higher-resolution, “4K” videos.  That is an extremely-high level of resolution for most computer users, and seems more symbolic than practical for the typical uploader.  High-end film producers with serious budgets, on the other hand, are paying attention.

So what about the littler guy?  On that note, YouTube also announced that it will be sponsoring a few promising producers.  As part of the YouTube Partner Grants program, a healthy $5 million will be offered to finance the most innovative production teams.  Lucky teams will be plucked from YouTube and asked to submit grants, and those that offer the prospect of generating highly-trafficked, advertiser-friendly content will receive funding injections.