NPD: 7-8 Million “Strongly Interested” In Paying for an iTunes Cloud

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The cloud promises to deliver anywhere access, but will it also deliver profits?

Or phrased another way, will anyone pay for this?

According to the latest survey from NPD Group, a sizable percentage of iTunes users are willing to pay for some premium version of cloud-based access in the US.  By NPD’s calculations, 7-8 million could grab hold.  The options include a subscription package combining existing collections and millions of on-demand songs, among the variations.

Survey-takers responded to a price point starting at $10 a month.  Sounds great, but as usual, the results themselves are cloudy.  After all, who knows how many will actually reach for their wallets when the moment of truth arrives?  Moreover, it remains speculative as to whether Apple will actually charge for distributed content access, or merely use it as another driver for hardware sales.

The survey reached nearly 4,000, and specifically applied to iTunes, iPod, iPhone, and iPod touch users.