C-Mon & Kypski: The 20,000-Strong Crowdsourced Video

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OK Go may have the best Rube Goldberg music video ever created, but C-Mon & Kypski have a totally different trick up their sleeves.

The group is now creating the ultimate crowdsourced video, complete with nearly 20,000 inputs (and potentially, a lot more before the vid is finished).

Perhaps this represents the ultimate in crowdsourcing excess, though involving 20,000 people is a great way to launch a concept.  Regardless of the quality of the final product, everyone loves to engage, participate, and, let’s face it – see themselves in a video.

And, possibly purchase the C-Mon & Kypski album, well-positioned for sale on the video page.  The video, aptly-titled “More Is Less,” simply asks webcammers to replicate a given gesture for a millisecond inclusion.  As of Wednesday morning, 19,779 have participated.