Will the Professional Musicians Please Stand Up?

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More music is being recorded and released than at any other point in history.

Yet music copyright is completely insecure, and piracy rampant in the current climate.  So what does that say about pro-copyright and anti-piracy initiatives?

A sticky debate indeed.  One of the major reasons for copyright law is to ensure the continued creation of intellectual property.  Yet more musicians are in the game than ever before, and music fans couldn’t be happier with the abundance.

But is everyone really so happy?  Turns out that making money is harder than ever, and majors aren’t the only ones suffering from widespread piracy and the erosion of recordings.

The RIAA is a classic disinformation machine, so take its wisdom with caution.  But the group recently sifted through some data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, and noticed that the number of self-identifying professional musicians is dropping substantially.  “Selling music is an important motivator to creating music, and the decline in sales has correlated with fewer people making a living in music,” the group asserted in findings shared with Billboard’s Glenn Peoples.  Whether that leaves a class of hobbyists remains unclear, though the great riddle for aspiring musicians is figuring out how to play and eat at the same time.

Paul Resnikoff, Publisher.