Exclusive: Next Limewire Court Date Set for January 18th, 2011

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(The following is a developing story. Stay tuned for ongoing developments and updates.)

Limewire gets its next day in court on January 18th, 2011, according to limited details shared by company executives with Digital Music News.  The date has been set to determine damages after a crushing summary judgement was issued, and follows a Tuesday conference call between attorneys on both sides.  The RIAA recently lost a motion to freeze various Limewire assets.

January is far away, at least when measured by “internet time,” and that will give Limewire considerable breathing room to develop its legitimate, cloud-focused release.  It also means that Limewire can operate as a mostly infringing app until at least late January, part of a legal process that has taken the RIAA years to resolve (the case of Arista Records LLC et al v. Lime Wire LLC et al, 1:06-cv-05936-KMW was first filed in August of 2006).

The RIAA also confirmed the court date to Digital Music News.