Close Your Eyes, and Imagine a Comprehensive Global Rights Database

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So, who benefits from a complicated, fractured rights database that takes years to effectively license?

The answer is any company that helps its clients navigate the mess!  For everyone else, the byzantine map of overlapping rights is just bad news.

On Tuesday, the industry took another step towards sanity in the form of a global rights database.  This is still relatively early, but according to details tipped to Digital Music News by EMI Music Publishing and French society SACEM, the database would traverse both recordings and publishing works.  “The initiative aims to lower the administrative barriers to businesses seeking to distribute content online and ensure that creators of music are quickly and efficiently compensated for their work,” a statement from the duo explained.

Actually, the “Global Repertoire Working Group” was first minted in September of 2008 following discussions with EU Commissioner Neelie Kroes.  Other members of the consortium include iTunes, Amazon, Nokia, PRS for Music, STIM, and Universal Music Publishing Group.  And, the group is still soliciting input and participation through mid-October.

The quest for a central, authoritative global rights database continues…