This Is an Album. This Is an Album With Synchronized Lyrics & Artwork

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The beauty of audio is that it can drift into the background – during sleep, a workout, or a drive.

But lean-forward experiences are also important, and Arcade Fire recently cooked an impressive iTunes synchronization involving artwork, lyrics, and other related media.

Superfans are probably already experiencing this, though the concept essentially repurposes a feature already in place for iTunes podcasts.  Hatched with the help of Vincent Morrisset and Topspin, the concept keeps the fan engaged with streams of related content, included web pages and images.  “You can spend hours upon hours listening, reading, clicking around — it’s an incredible way to experience the album,” Topspin topper Ian Rogers described.  “Such beautiful music and lyrics coupled with simple yet creative technical presentation.”

And the best part?  The band sold this directly from their site at, just one of several different configurations.  All of the various versions were shuttled early to pre-orderers, just another component in a highly-successful album launch.