Grooveshark CEO Naively Wonders Why UMG Is Dropping the Hammer

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Grooveshark wants to play the DMCA removal game.

Universal Music Group does not.  Not only that, UMG is pulling some crafty maneuvers – both on the legal and business sides – to make life very difficult for Grooveshark.

That includes a recent call to Apple to remove the Grooveshark app – just moments after its approval.  In a chit-chat with Billboard, Grooveshark CEO Sam Tarantino seemed puzzled by UMG’s strategic attack.  “We completely, 100 percent adhere to the DMCA takedown procedures,” Tarantino said.  “The funny thing about UMG, they have never once issued us a notice to take down their content.”

So why not just proactively remove the UMG content, eliminating the need for endless takedown requests?  That is not necessarily in Grooveshark’s interests, though Tarantino pointed to a metadata matching issue. “We can’t know what [the masters] are until UMG gives us either the masters or the metadata in the first place,” Tarantino described. “Some of the identification systems have failed miserably.”