Picture This: Why a Simple Snapshot Makes All the Difference for an Artist

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Push aside your complicated, interlocking 360-degree marketing strategy for one moment.

Because the simple photo is one of the most critically important assets for an artist today.  “On artist websites, our number one section is usually photos,” said Warner Bros. Records SVP of New Media Jeremy Welt, speaking to a small breakout session at the Bandwidth Conference in San Francisco on Thursday.

Or, more accurately, a ridiculously large amount of photos.  According to Welt, the more photos, the longer they stay – and sessions lengths are often directly tied to the amount of pics available.

So how many?  One upon a time, an album release typically required 6-9 approved photos.  “Now it’s 3-400 hundred for a campaign,” Welt relayed – or at least, that is the amount he’s requesting to maximize fan interest.

This is an industry still struggling to find its best practices, yet the simple snapshot could be an early one.  The presence of photos attracts greater engagement across the board – for artists large and small, and regardless of the genre.  And, those photos have mileage – according to Welt, 2.5 billion photos are uploaded onto Facebook a month, including artist pics.  “This is universal,” Welt said.

Report by publisher Paul Resnikoff in San Francisco.