The Latest Stunning Stats on Twitter, YouTube, Photos, & Apps

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The Bandwidth Music & Technology Conference in San Francisco shaped up to be quite the intelligent forum.

And during day one discussions, attendees shared some incredible data points. Take a look.

> The latest on Twitter…

# of tweets, daily: 70 million
# of tweets, monthly: 2 billion
# of registered users: 145 million
# of account sign-ups, daily: 300,000
@amazonmp3 followers: 1,489,543
Michael Tilson Thomas followers (@mtilsonthomas): 1,754

(Source: Matt Graves, Communications Director @ Twitter. AmazonMP3 and Thomas followers sourced directly. )

> The latest on photos…

# of photos uploaded onto Facebook, monthly: 2.5 billion
# of photos uploaded to Facebook, annually: 30 billion
# of approved photos typically needed by a band, 2000: 6-9
# of approved photos typically needed by a band, 2010: 300-400

> The latest on YouTube:

#2 search engine in the world (of all engines, separated from Google)
# of videos rotated by MTV, during its 80s prime: 30-40 per week
# of views for Tyler Hilton’s cover of  “Use Somebody” by Kings of Leon: 748,099

> The latest on apps:

# of downloaded apps, App Store: > 5 billion (as of June)
# of artist apps typically downloaded (per artist): < 100,000

(Source on YouTube, photo and apps data: Jeremy Welt, SVP of New Media, Warner Bros. Records.  Total downloaded app statistic from Apple.)