The Aging Rocker Marketing Plan: Denounce the Internet. Release an Album. Repeat

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Aging rockers have name recognition, but getting the spotlight back can be tricky – especially in this noise-filled environment.

So, why not make some ridiculous statements about the internet, garner all the media attention that follows, and then release an album?

Sounds crazy, but the similarities are almost unmistakable in a string of recent blow-ups.  And, this is starting to look like an actual marketing trend.  Here’s a quick primer, as offered by early-movers Prince, John Cougar Mellencamp, and most recently, Stevie Nicks.

(1) Prince.  Winning statement: “The internet’s completely over,” stated July 5th.  The exclusive interview was granted to the Daily Mirror, which covermounted 2.5 million copies of his 20Ten album that weekend.

(2) John Cougar Mellencamp.  Winning statement: “The internet is the most dangerous thing invented since the atomic bomb,” told to Reuters on August 18th.  New album?  No Better Than This, released August 17th, with a fall tour to complement.

(3) Stevie Nicks.  Winning statement: “The internet has destroyed rock,” told to the New York Daily News on August 22nd.  New album?  Currently being recorded for release early next year.

So who’s next?