Sources: EMI ‘Already Drafting Legal Paperwork’ Against Zaptunes

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(The following is a developing story. Please check back on for continued updates throughout the day.)

And the latest major label headache? That would be, a (supposedly) San Francisco-based store now offering unlimited MP3s for $25 a month. “We have negotiated with the top label companies to let us offer unlimited downloads to our members in exchange for a loyalty management,” the company stated. “With this unique offer, most of the label companies felt it hard to turn down our initiative.”

Uh, or something like that.  Curiously, the entire Beatles catalog is available within this stunningly-great price, suggesting that the darkhorse Zap has better negotiators than Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft combined.  “EMI Group is already drafting the legal paperwork against this shenanigan,” one source told Digital Music News, while another noted that “fireworks [are] coming soon” if Zaptunes persists.  Both wished to remain anonymous, given the sensitivity of the situation.  An EMI representative was not able to immediately confirm the actions, though a formal statement could be forthcoming.

The whole thing carries a strong odor of sketchiness.  Prior to this point, there has been no discussion of this store, and Zaptunes is offering a free 30-day trial to customers that commit their credit cards. “Right now we are unable to provide further details about the licenses,” a Zaptunes representative told Digital Music News.

Stay tuned.