The iPad: Now a Weapon of Mass Orchestral Destruction

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Despite energy-shots from the likes of Dudamel and Tilson Thomas, the obituary is slowly being written on classical music.

Grandiose concert halls are still being filled by grayed aficionados, not ironic 20-somethings.  And, technology keeps sprinkling dust on the lavish, massive orchestral ensembles of tempered brass and aged wood.

Actually, technology has been slowly replacing the “real thing” for decades, but computer composition is now easier than ever.  The iPad is the latest weapon of mass orchestral destruction, though actual instruments still seem to have the edge.  The latest case-in-point comes from the appropriately-titled “iPad Orchestra,” a group that wears shirts signifying their electronic instrumental translation – ie, “cello” – during performances.

Perhaps onlookers need the signposts to tell which is which.  Instead of a better listening experience, this seems more like a geeky iPad frolic – which certainly has its merits.  The performance is powered by the Seline HD iPad app from Amidio ($5.99).