The Latest DIY Platform? This Time, It’s for Selling Everyone Else’s Music

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Seems like DIY platforms are a dime-a-dozen these days, thanks to a bright idea that keeps getting replicated.

But the Echo Nest and 7digital are now joining forces – or rather, APIs – to create a do-it-yourself platform for selling everyone else’s music.  7digital brings a “body” of more than 10 million MP3s, while the Echo Nest lends the “brain” of intelligent discovery and navigation.

The result?  That depends on the creativity of the developer, though API mashups can take innumerable forms.  The possibilities traverse apps, websites, and even virtual environments.  And, the kicker is that 7digital is bringing licensing rights from 32 territories across Europe and North America, good news for those that want to avoid perilous litigation. “Application developers are the future of the music business,” commented Jim Lucchese, CEO of the Echo Nest. “This partnership makes it much easier for a talented developer to go from a great idea to a fully-licensed commercial music application.”

The companies launched the new platform at London Music Hack Day over the weekend.  More details at