Spotify Is Now Hitting 10 Million Users. Of Which, 500,000 Are Paying

Is this the kind of ratio that makes sense?

Spotify is now approaching 10 million users, of which 500,000 are paying premium amounts.  Spotify is planning a shindig in London later this month to toast its milestone.  Here’s the latest tee-total:

> 10 million users.
> 500,000 paying subscribers.
> 7 European countries.
> $300 million company valuation.
> 10 million-plus songs.

The 500,000 figure, shared by Daniel Ek with Music Week in July, specifically referred to higher-end, 10 euro-per-month accounts.  A  5 euro-per-month, more limited access plan also exists, though figures on this tier are mostly unknown.  Actually, some debate has surrounded the Ek claim, and on a broader level, the sustainability of the Spotify model.  But for now, it’s time to party.