Ping Plodding Through Bands “One-by-One”

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Ping, pong, ping, pong….

It could be eons before Ping is fully loaded with your favorite bands, according to those intimate with the plodding process.  According to one distributor actively adding acts, Apple is manually creating profile shells “one-by-one,” a slow churn designed to properly authenticate each artist.  “Apple needs to manually create each page on their end, send us the login and then we populate it,” the source told Digital Music News.

So what does this mean for your band?  Perhaps a speedier process will emerge, but for now, Ping appears to be growing its artist pool at a snail’s pace.  And, that means waiting in an interminable line.

Meanwhile, the number of engaged distributors is increasing.  Just recently, TuneCore, The Orchard, and CD Baby all indicated that their artists are being actively ingested.  Just recently, Apple pointed to a process that involves leading labels and distributors alike, though the inside is mostly populated with larger names.  All part of a launch that probably should have been branded ‘beta’ from the start…