Why the Recording Industry Suddenly Looks Like the Gay Porn Industry

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The recording industry tried everything to kill file-trading, including shaming swappers.

Several years ago, the IFPI even celebrated a lawsuit sweep that included “a Finnish carpenter, a British postman, a Czech IT manager, a German judge, a French chef, a British local councilor and a retired German couple.”  Even your next door neighbor was file-trading, or maybe…. you.  Shame.

Perhaps the gay porn industry will have better luck with that tactic.  The latest action is happening with ACS:Law, the British legal group working on behalf of numerous content owners, including gay porn producers.  Hey, nothing wrong with a little gay porn – at least when purchased legally – but looks like ACS is shining an uncomfortable light upon those who may have downloaded illegally and would greatly prefer anonymity.

Except, in many cases, the targets seem inaccurate.  Details of the campaign come from reams of ACS emails and internal documents, which are now spilling onto the net, thanks to some recent light hacking.  Torrentfreak is one group picking through the massive pile, and the targeted include an old retired couple (who vehemently deny the allegations), a married couple (now experiencing relationship problems and also denying the allegations), and another involving a married guy who left the family.

All great, wholesome stuff, and part of a broader discovery process that is sure to produce more than a few wrinkles on ACS.  The huge email file is available on the Pirate Bay and other torrent trackers.