Pandora Hits 65 Million Registered Users; Up 8% Since July

Pandora founder Tim Westergren may be getting squeezed on recording royalties, but everything is peachy on the audience side.

During a keynote discussion at the Future of Music Coalition Policy Summit in Washington on Monday, Westergren pointed to a registered userbase of 65 million, up from just 60 million in late-July (as then disclosed by Pandora CEO Joe Kennedy in New York).  That represents a quick, 8 percent gain over a very short period.

And how many are active users?  On that point, Westergren pointed to a crowd of 25 million over the past month, with monthly sessions totaling 11 hours.  Those are remarkably nice stays, especially given the super-distracted nature of the net.   Or, in the words of Westergren, “super super high” levels.

The latest information follows a similarly impressive finding from Edison Research.  The research group recently estimated that 1-in-5 radio listeners in the 12-24 demo had listened to Pandora over the past month.

Sounds great, especially given the emphasis on scale.  During the chit-chat, Westergren pointed interviewer Kara Swisher to a model heavily tilted towards advertising.  “Subscription is not the solution, I don’t think,” Westergren relayed.