T. Bone Burnett: “Stay Completely Away from the Internet…”

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The following statements were made by producer T. Bone Burnett at the Future of Music Coalition’s Policy Summit on Monday.

“If I were starting off right now, knowing what I know right now, I would say, ‘don’t put your music on the internet,’ that’s what I would say.  I would say stay completely away from the internet, have nothing to do with it.

Don’t be on Facebook, don’t be on MySpace.  You know why?  Because as soon as you’re on MySpace, you’re one of 6 million.

If you’re a musician today, and you want to record music, and you want to circulate that recorded music, don’t put it on the internet, because you’re degrading the thing that you’re doing to such a low point that… its value goes to zero….”