The 9 Biggest Dinosaurs In the Music Industry Today

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Regardless of their impressive accomplishments in the past, these dinosaurs are still living in 1982 – or, wish they were living in 1982.

Here are the largest of the Jurassic pontificators…

(1) Gene Simmons

In the wake of a woefully-unsuccessful legal campaign against music fans, Simmons blamed the labels for lacking the “balls” to sue every “freckle-faced college kid” into submission.

(2)  John Cougar Mellencamp

The internet is the “most dangerous thing invented since the atomic bomb,” at least according to this aging rocker.  Kaboom!

(3) Prince

“The internet’s completely over,” Prince told us in July while withholding iTunes licensing.  Some saw a very savvy businessman; others a purple cloud of cluelessness.

(4) T. Bone Burnett

Artists should “stay completely away from the internet,” Burnett elucidated earlier this month.  That is, skip Facebook, MySpace, MP3s, and everything else, and crawl back into a disconnected, analog existence.

(5) Stevie Nicks

“The internet has destroyed rock,” Nicks declared.  Is that the rock next to that cave over there?

(6) Orrin Hatch

In 2003, this music lover (and composer) said that destroying someone’s computer “may be the only way you can teach somebody about copyrights.”  That’s some tough love, and a lot of useless plastic.

(7) The Beatles

Paul McCartney blames EMI, EMI blames a number of factors, and Yoko is still getting blamed for the breakup.  Meanwhile, the entire Beatles anthology was just downloaded in some hapless corner of BitTorrent.

(8) Jimmy Iovine

Iovine may have helped to structure the iTunes Store, but his dogged focus on high-fidelity listening and Dre headphones flies in the face of billions of MP3s.

(9) The Entire RIAA

Of course, these guys are just a cover for the majors, though their ultra-protectionist marching orders are downright Pre-Cambrian.  Not to mention, very expensive and time-consuming.