Hey Bronfman: Spotify Approaching 650,000 Paid Subscribers

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Some of our readers have been screaming at us to show more faith in Spotify.

And here’s why: according to information shared this week by European sources, Spotify’s premium subscriber total is now approaching 650,000. The information comes from internal updates that Spotify issues to it content partners, which sources agreed to discuss with Digital Music News.

One source pegged the number at “between 640,000 and 650,000,” though the trajectory is obvious. In mid-July, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek disclosed a premium total of 500,000, and topline registered users recently surpassed 10 million.

But how many of these 650,000 are actually paying full-fare?  Here, the numbers are also impressive: On a pan-European basis, 90% are paying the full, 10 euro monthly amount, with 10% paying the trimmed-down, 5 euro fare (or British pounds).

Spotify is expected to make another announcement in December, most likely on a much higher premium figure.