Looks Like Slacker Found Some Money Under the Cushions

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Slacker’s player-focused model seemed to get wiped out by the app revolution.

But these guys put their players to bed and are now putting some interesting numbers on the board.  According to details tipped to Digital Music News by the company, Slacker now has “hundreds of thousands” of customers paying premium monthly access fees of between $3.99 and $4.99 a month, with payments structured through mobile carriers themselves.

Slacker declined to narrow down this “hundreds of thousands” figure, though simple math dictates that this is at least 200,000 takers.  After some requisite arm-twisting, we found the number to be “less than 500,000” (oh the games we play).  Anyway, we’ll be prodding Slacker’s Jonathan Sasse for more data this week, but essentially, Slacker Radio Plus costs $4.99 month-to-month, and $3.99 for those willing to make an annual commitment.

The traction seems to be happening through bundling, though well-curated stations are also important.  The radio app is pre-loaded onto a significant spread of devices, and billing is happening through the carrier.

Here’s the spread:

*Verizon: Droid and Blackberry phones

*AT&T: BlackBerry Torch (new)

*T-Mobile: Windows Phone 7 HD7 (also new), GalaxyS, Galaxy Tablet, and various Blackberry phones.

More ahead.