This. Is. War: RIAA Ripped Down Again, Bainwol Targeted

Just moments after winning an injunction against Limewire, the RIAA is now dealing with a shutdown of its own.

The site was torn down on Friday afternoon, and clandestine vigilante collective Anonymous is claiming responsibility (the site reappeared in the evening and remained online over the weekend).  The group first announced ‘Operation Payback’ on Thursday, and is now starting its plan to make life very difficult for the label trade group.

Looks like Anonymous wants blood, but also the prevention of similar attacks against sites like the Pirate Bay.  The group has also published personal details on RIAA chief Mitch Bainwol, as well as Bainwol’s wife.  Other details, including office numbers and fax numbers, have also been published, with the aim of disrupting the organization with random calls, pizza deliveries, and similar actions.

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27 Responses

  1. Constantine Roussos (.music)

    Anonymous = Anonymous Cowards

    The tactics that this organization is taking are point-blank unacceptable. Limewire was certainly guilty. End of story. Anonymous cheap shots and hacking tactics should not be tolerated. Guerilla tactics of this kind will never have any positive effect.

    Why an earth would they target RIAA executive family members? How is Mitch’s wife to blame? No one in their right mind would ever support this kind of organization, whether they love or hate the RIAA.

    Constantine Roussos

    • nickadopolis

      I was happy to take part in this operation. Good times.

      • Jihnarator

        When someone gets infested with Digital Snake Virus like this, they often destroy that thing they they themselves value most.

  2. deadmikes

    Until you are no longer angry? Angry at what? Shutting down illegal sites that steal audio and video content? There is a reason that James Madison wrote copyright law and why it must be enforced to this day. Copyright law was created to protect intellectual property, fostering the arts, and encouraging creativity. By trying to “liberate information” (which is not the correct description considering you are using slander against family of RIAA leaders) you kill art. You try to portray yourselves as robin hood giving to the poor but that is who you are killing.

    But no you’re attacking the evil corporations who take advantage of artists and their consumers, exploiting them for profits right? These companies have been hemorrhaging money for nearly a decade now. They shot themselves in the face a long time ago for not embracing mp3’s why keep punishing them? Enabling peer to peer sites is forcing these companies to scrap artist development and seek acts like Lady Gaga and Justin Beiber because they are brands not musicians. There will never be a talented mainstream musician or group like The Beatles, Stones, Led Zeppelin, or Hendrix because in order to make money nowadays you have to be a “brand” using your face to sell water or cameras not music.

    Honestly, I think these attackers must be teenagers because it is so childish. Until you’re no longer angry??? Insane. Use your skills for something useful. Build something don’t tear it down

  3. na

    $2 million a year plus all the other highly paid jokesters . . . hmmmmmmmmmmm.

    Who’s zooming who?

  4. Anonymous

    lol this is so funny, what a joke! who ever took the time to create that ‘operation payback’ is hilarious. I see all one of them doing nothing and trying to fool others to join the individual ha ha ha…do your own dirty work loser…lol

    • Anonymous 2

      @ Anonymous so true these kids are such losers lol, funny comment!

  5. @orcharduk (Twitter)

    The Orchard UK
    Limewire community threaten to fight back with pizza fuelled DDoS attack

  6. CrowfeatheR

    By targeting individuals and thier children in thier homes they’ve crossed the line into RICO territory and must now be considered a criminal enterprise. 25 years in club fed on RICO charges for all involved. The question is who will be the first to rat for a sweet deal of 10 years probation?

    Unfortuantely for these idiots, Gene Simmons has the feds on the case allready, but now they can up the charges and man power in the investigation now that they have gone from internet vandals to full out RICO mobsters.

    The good news is I’m sure most of these turds live in a 6×6 room with little real human contact anyways, prison should be easy.

    ~ CrowfeatheR

  7. Jihnarator

    We saw how our beloved offspring

    Were kidnapped, raped and murdered

    By the power of the Snake of Digital Intelligence

    The first time when the scribes said,

    “Hey, come steal all the free music”

    Music Workers did nothing

    The Snake will only be satisfied

    If they turn Beggars into

    Prostitutes who work for free

    It’s time to wake up.

  8. @jae_wallace (Twitter)

    janet k.h. wallace
    Is it a crime or is it justice?

  9. @ericATall (Twitter)

    eric haddad koenig
    p2p is here to stay, sayeth the world

  10. stevemeyer

    I do not condone illegal file-sharing. But the war the RIAA wages against all P2P websites was lost years ago.

    Earlier this month, “California’s Fourth District Court of Appeal struck down a restitution award to the Recording Industry Association of America (“RIAA) for music piracy from criminal defendants. People v. Micah Akeem Kelly and People v. Robert Trongale. The court held that the RIAA was not a direct victim of defendants’ music piracy crimes…The RIAA, as a trade association representing the U.S. recording industry, sought restitution for the amount of $14,606.66 based on the wholesale value of the counterfeit compact discs that were alleged to be at issue. The trial court granted the restitution award to the RIAA, basing its judgment on an earlier ruling that a trade association “standing] in the shoes of direct victims” is entitled to restitution.

    The Court of Appeal addressed the “threshold issue of whether RIAA is a direct victim” of the sale of counterfeit compact discs. The court vacated the trial court’s restitution order, noting that while the record companies and musicians may have lost profits, the RIAA had not and therefore could not claim lost profits or other losses caused by defendants’ crimes. In short, the RIAA did not suffer any economic loss necessary to be considered a direct victim of defendants’ alleged crimes.” (Source: )

    Limewire is gone. Does anyone actually believe the people who were using it to download music will just stop doing so?

    If they do, I suggest they follow Neo and get out of The Matrix so they can return to the real world.

  11. @JaGoFFmusic (Twitter)

    JaGoFF Publishing
    Operation Payback (it’s a bitch)

  12. Dave

    I’m always amazed when these criminals try to justify their crimes by claiming they are protecting the, “… rights of the average citizen.”

    I’m an average citizen and I’m also a songwriter and stealing my work violates my rights!

  13. No one

    Wait until these “Anonymous” people have something they value stolen.

    See how fast they complain…

  14. NoMinorChords

    Do you know that if you rearrange the letters of “vigilante collective Anonymous” and add just a few more letters, it spells “Adolescent jerks who want to steal stuff and pretend they are doing it for the greater good”?