The Tantalizing Possibility of 3D Music Videos

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Who says Hollywood gets to have all the 3D fun?

Film is complicated, music videos aren’t, and that suggests a related-yet-unique trajectory.  And, the 3D action is already starting with a few artists.

Like who?  Pepper recently invited us down to the Nokia Theater in downtown Los Angeles to check out their stab at this.  It was cute: the band had a hospital theme going on, and a scantily-clad nurse handed us a pair of 3D glasses at the door.

The rest was mostly live footage, broadcast on small theater monitors.  But hey, it was fun, the crowd got some novelty, and the footage for the next 3D video was being shot right there.  So why not?

But, why not expand this into something more serious?  Well, the discussion on 3D adoption is far more involved, and these guys are already talking mobile formatting.  Of course, one obvious problem is the requirement to wear 3D glasses.  But bands like Pepper are just cracking the seal, and the possibilities are positively tantalizing.