Why ‘QR Codes’ May Become a Standard Phrase In Music Marketing

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This is an area just taking root in the music industry, though the QR code looks poised to get a lot more mileage ahead.

Just last week, we discussed the efforts of startup ShareSquare to better capture fan attention through integrated QR codes.  Basically, these newer-generation bar codes can be quickly scanned by a number of different smartphone apps, and subsequently tied to various promotions, related sites, and even geo-targeted concepts.

The latest tie-in is coming from Minneapolis-based indie Secret Stash Records, which is slapping QRs onto its physical CDs and vinyl releases.  So, fans browsing around can scan a code, and start sampling instantly.  “If someone is willing to consider spending their hard earned money on one of our records, we should at least be willing to give them a free sample so they can make an educated decision before purchasing,” explained Eric Foss, Secret Stash vice president of Sales and Marketing.  “This new technology allows us to do that.”