If Music Startups Were Bands, Which Bands Would They Be?

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Every music app has its own crazy personality, just like bands.

But if music apps *were* bands, which ones would they be?  Try these on for size.

(1) Napster = Nirvana

Both appeared suddenly, both were huge smashes, and both forever changed the world.  And, both ended tragically.

(2) Mp3.com = The Sex Pistols

Both were scary, hated, and groundbreaking.  And after burning really bright, both burnt out.

(3) Pandora = The Allman Brothers

Success sometimes comes easy, but not for these weathered veterans.  Neither said die, even after years of suffering and setback.

(4) BurnLounge = Milli Vanilli

Both were clearly frauds.

(5) Imeem = MC Hammer

Both were big, lived well beyond their means, and vanished into penniless obscurity.

(6) Project Playlist = Shyne

Like twins, these were both industry-backed favorites.  But something went terribly wrong in each case: Playlist was abandoned and left for bankruptcy, while Shyne languished for a decade in prison.  Whoops.

(7) Grooveshark = Kanye West

Controversial, popular, and great at pissing off important people.

(8) Last.fm = Robbie Williams

Both basked in ridiculous hype in the UK and Europe, both signed insanely massive deals, and both fell miserably short of expectations.

(9) Spiralfrog = Nicole Sherzinger

Both craftily cultivated hype of the highest degree.   And then…

(10) MySpace Music = Nelly

Once white hot, now not-so-white-hot.  But still sort of around, still sort of doing okay.

(11) Tunecore = Amy Winehouse

Successful. Talented. Visionary. Crazy.