What Live Meltdown? The Stunning 2010 Grosses for Top Touring Acts

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Touring was a disaster in 2010, but let the little performers eat cake!

After all, the top-grossing artists pulled some insane winnings, and being lonely at the top never felt so pampered.  According to an annual ranking just published by Pollstar, Bon Jovi led the North American roost with an outlandish $108.2 million, and the worldwide purse stretched to $201.1 million.

Phew!  Lady Gaga was naturally high-ranked with a $50.1 million North American take-home, but plenty of artists ranked higher.  That includes stage-horses like Dave Matthews Band ($72.9 million) and the Eagles ($64.9 million), as well as surefire attractions like Paul McCartney ($61.8 million), Roger Waters ($89.5 million), and Michael Buble ($65.7 million).  Most achieved far greater returns on the global stage.

Actually, even the upper-crust are suffering – that is, when measured as a group.  The top 50 biggest tours pulled 12 percent less in 2010, to $2.93 billion for the year on a global basis.  And of course, the shelf drops precipitously after the best-sellers, but that’s another article.