It Gets Worse: MySpace Now Planning a Huge Round Two

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The sour news surrounding MySpace is getting dizzying, so we’ll keep this one brief.

But according to a pair of sources – one inside MySpace – a huge layoff round this week will be followed by another devastating blow later in the year.

Most are expecting an imminent 50 percent reduction, though one source pointed to some confusion about the exact drop.  Perhaps ‘sometime this week’ is the best intelligence right now.  Then, another 50 percent reduction – or ’round two’ – is expected later in the year, resulting in a larger, 75 percent chop by the time the dust settles.

But wait, there’s more bad news.  According to stats now emerging, MySpace experienced sizable double-digit declines in 2010.  One preliminary measurement shared with Digital Music News shows a whopping 24 percent drop to a userbase of 81 million, and another showed a 14 percent year-over-year drop for November (to 54.5 million uniques)