Merlin’s Chatting With Google. Here We Go Again

Is Merlin about to hold up the launch of Google Music?

The powerful indie consortium recently reached terms with Rdio after a long impasse.  One that looked quite similar to an earlier holdout involving MySpace Music.

And, according to sources speaking with Digital Music News, it looks like Google Music is approaching the licensing space with the same mentality.  That is, prioritizing the majors, then hitting up the indies.  Hence, the holdouts in the past, and a possible holdout in the future.

Just last week, Merlin chief Charles Caldas offered some clues of what may lie ahead in a note to members (first published by Digital Media Wire).  “Merlin has had significant concerns that independents have been excluded from these discussions and that historically, services which follow this development path typically tend to in our view to discriminate against independents (e.g. MySpace Music and You Tube) both in terms of the commercial terms they are eventually offered and also in the structuring of the major record company agreements,” Caldas relayed.  “We now hope to achieve a Merlin agreement with Google on behalf of our members, which both addresses those concerns and reflects fully and properly the value of our members’ repertoire via a Merlin license.”

Merlin labels include Epitaph, Naxos, Beggars Group, Merge, and Domino.

2 Responses

  1. Visitor

    not sure how this in any way implies that Merlin is holding up Google’s launch. why would Merlin have any incentive to slow things down?

    are you assuming that Google has already 1. determined what their service is going to be and 2. built their product?