It’s Over! Nokia Killing Comes With Music

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No matter how many times they tried to spin it, spruce it, or splash it, consumers just weren’t biting.

And now, Comes With Music is biting the dust.  According to information confirmed by Nokia on Tuesday, the service will be discontinued in most countries where it currently exists, and will not be featured on newer devices.

So who are the surviving nations?  According to details now surfacing, one-year subscriptions will still be available in China, India, and Indonesia, and 6-month subscriptions will be available in Brazil, Turkey, and South Africa.  Some of those countries were flagged by Nokia executives as initial successes, though critical markets – especially the prioritized UK – failed to catch the spark.

You know what they say about hindsight, but Comes With Music (or, more recently, Ovi Music Unlimited) came with plenty of problems.  These were DRM-protected tracks, yet somehow, the company was spinning an unlimited access, ‘free download’ offer.  But songs were mostly married to the device, and it was tough to get a straight story on the restrictions.  Perhaps the lesson is that consumers are tough to trick, though they also have ‘unlimited’ options for grabbing ‘free downloads’ – no strings attached.

And what about early adopters?  Nokia will keep subscriptions going until they expire, and apparently, the protected songs will be playable thereafter.