Wait, What? Cake Beats Taylor Swift’s All-Time Lowest-Selling Number One Album…

Last week, Taylor Swift earned the bizarre distinction of selling

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 the lowest number of copies for a number one album.  That happened on sales of 52,000 (US) on Speak Now, an accomplishment that is quickly being eaten by Cake.  According to the latest stats from Nielsen Soundscan, Cake’s Showroom of Compassion sold just 44,000 units last week, enough to top the latest album charts.

Certainly, this is an apt time for these ‘records’ to surface.  The holidays are over, and January is often the least-prioritized period by labels.  But is the quick succession of nadirs a sign of a sharper album drop ahead?  On the week, overall album sales dropped 15 percent year-over-year, and cumulative annual sales of 10.3 million are already tracking 11 percent below the comparable tally in 2010.