Hmmm: Why Does the RIAA Hate the Idea of .music?

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For years, entrepreneur Constantine Roussos has been championing the .music domain extension – even though it doesn’t yet exist.

But imagine sites with domains like,, or, and you’ve got the idea.  The reasons for approving or denying this extension are complicated, and this may never see the light of day.  But ahead of ‘that day,’ the RIAA is rallying against an approval, at least of the straight-ahead variety.

The reason?  The potential for rampant piracy, of course.  Imagine, for example, and you also get the idea.  “We are concerned that a music themed gTLD will be used to enable wide scale copyright and trademark infringement,” wrote RIAA deputy general counsel Victoria Sheckler.  “This fear is justified when we look at the massive copyright infringement battle our industries have faced over the past decade.”

The “we” is a broad group of music organizations that co-signed the letter, including A2IM, IFPI, ASCAP, AIM, and BMI.  And of course, these ‘friendly’ messages always come with a thinly-veiled stinger.  “We prefer a practical solution to these issues, and hope to avoid the need to escalate the issue further,” Sheckler concluded.