Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Scores a Huge Super Bowl Ad

Bank Robber Music and Deutsch LA are toasting a huge one.

Rather, a ginormous one.  Because the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion is not only getting featured in the upcoming “21st Century Beetle” campaign by Volkswagen – they’re getting splashed during Super Bowl XLV.  The group just tipped the inclusion to Digital Music News this morning.

The spots will feature a 30-second remake of the blues classic “Black Betty,” and the match-up just made sense.  “Deutsch was working with Volkswagen and contacted me, wanting to get a bunch of bands to cover ‘Black Betty,'” Bank Robber Music’s Lyle Hysen relayed. “If one band is going to do this song and get it right for the 21st century, it’s going to be the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.”

Stay tuned for complete Bowl coverage ahead, though of course, we’ll mostly be keeping score on sync placements and the Halftime Show.  Though the game will be fun, too.

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