Sonicbids Integrates Songtrust Services

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Downtown-owned Songtrust is now quickly reaching out to artists.

On Monday morning, the company brokered an app inclusion deal with Sonicbids.  Essentially, the game plan is simple: Songtrust’s range of publishing services will be integrated as an app option within Sonicbids artist accounts.  Songtrust offers a range of DIY-focused song registration, royalty collection, and related self-publishing services.

The handshake is part of of a broader diversification plan by Sonicbids, and the latest move in an ever-crowding DIY space.  The Songtrust deal comes moments after the launch of Sonicbids’ Facebook app.  “Songtrust complements the array of online promotion, fundraising, and digital distribution tools available on Sonicbids to empower the next generation of emerging artists,” relayed Sonicbids founder Panos Panay.

So what’s next?  Songtrust is certainly getting itself in front of the right audience.   But Songtrust isn’t the only one offering this service, and the question is whether artists will bite.  So far, DIY-focused services have found themselves fighting for scraps on higher-end services, perhaps a function of very tight artist budgets.