Good News or Bad? CDs Still 74% of all Album Sales

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We thought we’d dissected every stat possible from last year, but here’s another one.

In Los Angeles on Tuesday morning, Tommy Silverman kicked off New Music Seminar with this: 74% of all US-based albums sales came from CDs in 2010.   “They aren’t doing so bad,” the RIAA board member  told the crowd.  “People still like them.”

*Actually, the percentage gets even higher for certain genres.  For example, Silverman noted that 84 percent of Country, 85% of Gospel, and a staggering 93% of Latin album sales came from physical.

*So maybe there’s a ‘glass half full’ argument here, at least for a few years?   But the spill is in motion: overall albums – physical or digital – dropped another 12.7 percent last year, and without digital albums, CDs alone slumped 19%.

*Overall, digital formats accounted for 46% of US-based sales last year, according to Nielsen Soundscan.