Also: Em, Spotify, Legend, Lala, Live Nation

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*Eminem is now the most-liked artist on Facebook, beating Lady Gaga.

*Is Spotify just weeks away from a stateside deal with UMG?  Billboard begs to differ, citing an insider with knowledge of a sticky negotiation process.  Which begs the question: were dealmakers juicing Reuters to pressure the process?  Let’s see…

*John Legend is sharply questioning higher-end tax cuts, and wants greater wealth redistribution towards arts programs.  “People fought to give me – a millionaire – a tax cut this year,” Legend told reporters at a White House performance. “I didn’t need it.”

*Lala founder Bill Nguyen has now left Apple to pursue his next project, at least according to the Business Insider.  But we thought Apple was also buying the brains, not just the body?

*Live Nation has refreshed a number of sites, including ecommerce and ticketing functionality across 17 countries.