Google Yanks Grooveshark from Android Market

Grooveshark is notoriously absent from Apple’s App Store.

But now, the app is getting similarly-rough treatment from Google.  Just this morning, Grooveshark disappeared from Google’s Android Marketplace, ostensibly due to copyright infringement concerns.

A number of catalysts could be at play.  Earlier, insiders pointed to Universal Music Group as the main reason for the App Store yank, though the influence of the label remains unclear in this situation.  But the pulldown came just hours before Google general counsel Kent Walker was slated to testify before a House Judiciary committee related to online piracy.

Sources at Google offered little information on this one, though sensitivities appear elevated ahead of a Google Music launch.  Major label negotiations are happening right now; in fact, they are the chief reason for a delayed arrival.  Of course, UMG is a huge and critical party to these discussions.

We’re also called Grooveshark, and expect comment shortly.  Please check back.

8 Responses

  1. @jvermasheina

    Juuso Vermasheinä

    Whoa! Is Google pulling the Apple move?

    • Mark Bishop

      More likely eliminating competition using “anti piracy” as a weapon before the launch of google Music.

      Must question the future of grooveshark as this is the second time ties have been cut in 2 months.

      Remember the dreaded OMP3 software partnership deal of 1000s of mini sharks?

      looks like they jumped ship too and now promote anti piracy software with you guessed it. YouTube (Google)

      Certainly another blow for the Grooveshark there business model.

    • eric

      I never knew google had such a cool 70’s pornstar moustache

  2. nathanJE

    so how does this work? does the app get wiped from my Android phone when I update my OS?

  3. simple_man

    And so what? I see this as mostly symbolic, because it’s android. It’s not closed like Apple’s apps ecosystem.