Rebecca Black’s Latest YouTube+iTunes Tally = $198,685

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What a difference a few “Fridays” can make – because several weeks later, Rebecca Black and Ark Music Factory have easily raked in more than $198,685 on YouTube and iTunes alone, according to our calculations.

(How they’re splitting the cash is another question, and reportedly the subject of a recent lawsuit). Here’s our math:

(1) YouTube = $102,000

Plays approaching 102 million  (as of April 14th)
at a $2 CPM, with a 50% content owner payout, the total equals $102,000

Methodology: CPMs vary per content provider, and YouTube does not guarantee a rate.  We’ve upwardly revised our estimate to a $2 CPM based on more conversations and comments from readers – our original CPM estimates were too low.  The 50% figure comes from TubeMogul; a large YouTube partner told us 55% is boilerplate; YouTube says this is case-by-case and varies by partner.

(2) iTunes = $96,685

a/o April 13th, 158,501 downloads.
61 cents x 158,501 = $96,685

Methodology: 30 cents for Apple, 9% (9-cents) for CD Baby.  Copyright controlled, 9.1-cent mechanicals go back to Ark/Black.  Download total per source at Nielsen Soundscan, which actually also includes non-iTunes downloads.

Subtotal of (1) and (2) = $198,685

(3) Plus…

…the stuff we don’t know:

(a) downloads and ringtones sold directly by Ark Music.

(b) YouTube royalties from spoof and remake videos (there’s some disagreement among our sources on exactly how this is compensated, though this may depend on YouTube partner relationship terms).

(c) Performance royalty income from various uses on TV, radio, etc. (not sure at press time if the proper tracking relationships have been set up.)

(4) Future Stops on the Gravy Train?  Follow-up single, Glee cover (according to New York Magazine), celebrity appearances, more “Friday” views on YouTube.