The Latest: Android Billions, Coachella, Vice, Intel, MySpace, Nichols, Glee, New Zealand, TuneCore

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*There are now more than 3 billion Android apps installed, according to Google, up a billion in just two months.

Apple hit its 10 billionth in January.

*Let the desert pilgrimmage begin!  Roughly 50,000 are treking or already pitching tents at Coachella.  The lineup is getting complemented by a massive artistic, architectural, and lighting collaboration dubbed the Creators Project.  The effort involves Vice and Intel, and includes a massive ‘electro-cube,’ among many other dazzling presentations.

*MySpace is now getting sued for illegally selling user data, according to Bloomberg.  That could affect a sluggish sales process by owner News Corp., though Vevo still appears to be interested.  Elsewhere, MySpace Music CTO Dmitry Shapiro has left the building, according to a Twitter update.

*Producer, engineer, and digital pioneer Roger Nichols has passed at the age of 66.  Nichols scored a handful of Grammys over his career, mostly with Steely Dan.

*Rebecca Black’s “Friday” could soon get the Glee treatment, according to rumors floating around.

*New Zealand has finally passed ‘three-strikes’ legislation that would temporarily disconnect the accounts of illegal file-traders.  The disconnects could last up to six months; heavy fines are also a possibility and onlookers are raising due process issues.

*81 percent of those polled by TuneCore feel that streaming will overtake downloading as the predominant music consumption format.  But they disagree on exactly when the takeover will occur.